Defy Gravity Photoshoot at CBUdesign

CBUdesign did a photo shoot this past weekend to give the students some hands-on experience in a studio setting shooting for a real client. This really was an awesome event and I’m not only glad to have been a part of it, but I’m excited for future events as well!

Here is my contribution, what do you think?

Thanks for looking!

Everyone loves succulents!

So we’ve got a great little garden out front that the Love’s did for us while Megan and I were on our honeymoon. It’s been struggling to survive in the bad dirt but some of them are doing well. I thought I would take some photos of the stuff because everyone loves photos of succulents! Although the second to last picture I think is not a succulent at all, but it looks good in this set. I like the last one the best.

Bouncing liquids photoshoot

Ian and I decided to have a little fun shooting some strange things. We set up a flat plastic plate that we could vibrate at any frequency we wanted. All we needed was an iPhone app, an amplifier, and an old subwoofer. Just lying around right? Welcome to the shop. We got some pretty interesting shots, the white fluid is just some car wax and water, and the silver stuff is mercury.

Don’t play with mercury, fair warning!

Enjoy and let me know if you think these are cool or lame!